This describes how to create an environment for development using Docker.

Running OCIM in a docker container

Create .env file

cp .env.test .env

Run some initial setup tasks in the backend:

docker-compose run --rm ocim make migrate
docker-compose run --rm ocim make manage createsuperuser

And on the frontend:

docker-compose run --rm ocim-frontend bash -c 'npm run build-api-client && npm install'

Then, launch the stack (detached):

docker-compose up -d

The OCIM UI should be available at http://localhost:5000. The registration UI should be available at http://localhost:3000.

To view or follow the logs for any of the running services, use docker-compose logs. For example:

docker-compose logs -f ocim

Running make commands

You can directly run make commands as below:

docker-compose run --rm ocim make <command>


Run make commands inside docker container using:

docker-compose run --rm ocim bash
make <command>